Our Wishes and Intentions Do Indeed Create Our Reality

“The model suggested by Braud’s work is of a universe, to some degree, under our control. Our wishes and intentions create our reality. We might be able to use them to have a happier life, to block unfavorable influences, to keep ourselves enclosed in protective fence of good will. Be careful what you wish for, thought Braud. Each of us has the ability to make it come true.

In his own casual and quiet way, Braud began testing out this idea, using intentions to achieve certain outcomes. It only seemed to work, he discovered, when he used gentle wishing, rather than intense willing or striving. It was like trying to will yourself to sleep: the harder you try, the more you interfere with the process. It seemed to Braud that humans operated on two levels – the hard, motivated striving of the world and the relaxed, passive, receptive world of The Field – and the two seemed incompatible. Over time, when Braud’s desired outcomes seemed to occur more often than expected by chance, he developed a reputation as a “good wisher.”

Lynne McTaggart, in “The Field”

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