The God Who Dwells in All

“There is only one God for everyone in this world. It is not that God lives in the seventh heaven or that He dwells only in a temple, in a mosque, or in a place where bigots who have forgotten the true essence of religion follow the teaching of one sect or another. God is one for all. He lives in all groups, in all temples, in all mosques, and in all churches. Although He is everywhere, He dwells specifically in the human heart. The heart is the divine temple of God.

There are many religions, and each one is fine in its own right. But, how many Gods are there to bestow their grace on the followers of all these religions? Is God Hindu? Is He Jewish? Is He Muslim? Is He Buddhist? Is He Black? Is He White? Is He Red?

Although he has many names, He is One. Therefore, we should learn how to cultivate the awareness of universal brotherhood. We should not pursue religions in order to murder one another with distinctions. All countries, all languages, all races, and all religions belong to Him.  He exists in all religions, but He did not create them. If He had, we could not call Him God; we would have to call Him a politician. Why would God create so many religions and make people fight with one another? It is we who have drawn religious boundaries.”

Swami Muktananda, in “Where are you Going?, A Guide to the Spiritual Journey”

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