Terry Cole-Whittaker on “Healing”

“Prevention is the best medicine, and it’s also the best form of health insurance: by investing in fresh, organically grown foods, we can prevent illness. Food is medicine as well. Chemical treatments for illnesses can harm us, which may make you wonder why they are promoted so heavily. To understand, ask yourself: Who is making money from sickness? Fear motivates us to agree to artificial solutions that do not actually heal us but increase our problems. Illness is nothing to fear, for we are divine beings with all godlike qualities.

In healing ourselves, our challenge is to use what we have – our divine intelligence – to find out what will cure our illnesses, rather than give this power away to others who may not have our best interests in mind. Medical professionals who tell us that we are suffering from something incurable are really saying, “You will need to stay on medications that will only suppress the condition, for we don’t make money if you are healed.”

Terry Cole-Whittaker, in “Live Your Bliss”

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The Nature of Praying

“Prayers are personal and yet there are aspects of praying which need to be noted. There are elements within the prayer framework which help the individual send out the most appropriate requests for guidance and action.

An opening or salutation – A loving introduction to the forces which one perceives as the focus and outgrowth of one’s being draws the energy of that presence within range of one’s own physical being. Whether or not the word “God” is used, an appropriate designation of the energy or presence to whom one is speaking is necessary.

A statement of thankfulness for those gifts and perceptions already received – This approach acknowledges one’s own connection to the Universe or God and reaffirms one’s own awareness that gifts of understanding have come to allow the individual to move toward the Light.

Verification of the problem or focus of prayer – The prayer process invokes eventual healing through the individual’s ability to precisely understand the situation and in so doing more clearly see the matching piece which is the solution. Clarity of thought in this case brings the energy of the dilemma to a head and causes the matching energy of the solution to be equally focused and thus obvious to the individual.

Affirmation of one’s belief in an appropriate solution – If one does not believe that a solution of some type is possible, then one has no business praying, for no solution will be forthcoming. It is only through one’s belief in a possible solution that appropriate avenues of help will be noticed. In other words, if one is close to healing vehicles, then none will be found even though they exist in one’s life.

Praying causes energy, celestial and physical, to be directed to a specific area of one’s life, and repetition of the same prayer is very effective in drawing in appropriate telepathic vibrations…In other words, when one uses the same prayer over and over, it builds not only the intensity of the invocation, but also the clarity with which the Universe’s response can be heard, seen and understood.”

Meredith Lady Young, in “Agartha”

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A Warrior’s Prayer

Over 20 years ago I came across the following prayer written by the author Stuart Wilde that I feel really captures what the spiritual path is all about. I hope you find as much value in it as I did. Bye for now.

A Warriors prayer II

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Healing through Sound Frequencies

Note: This is quite a lengthy post containing some material that is pretty far out there on the metaphysical curve. As such, I encourage you to keep an open mind as you read it, because in the end the path of spiritual growth is all about being willing to turn over every stone in the search for greater understanding of life.

In an earlier post about healing through the use of color therapy, I referred to the work of Darius Dinshah in his book “Let There Be Light.” As a refresher, the basic premise of Dinshah’s work was that application of colored light can indeed cause a physiologic effect inside a human. In other words, color light therapy can be used to restore healthy and harmony to diseased organs, bodily systems, tissues, muscles, and bones. With that background in mind, while reading Chapter 8 of Dinshah’s book, “Equivalent Sounds for Colors,” I learned that sounds can also provide healing benefits, and particularly so, according to Dinshah, when used in conjunction with color therapy.

Solfeggio Frequencies

That information inspired me to dig deeper into this whole notion of using sound for healing, and the first bit of information I came across was something fascinating called the Solfeggio Frequencies. These original sound frequencies were apparently used in Ancient Gregorian Chants, such as the great hymn to St. John the Baptist, along with others that church authorities say were lost centuries ago. The chants and their special tones were believed to impart tremendous spiritual blessings when sung in harmony during religious masses. These powerful frequencies were rediscovered by Dr. Joseph Puleo as described in the book Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse by Dr. Leonard Horowitz.

The Six Solfeggio Frequencies include:

UT – 396 Hz – Liberating Guilt and Fear
RE – 417 Hz – Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change
MI – 528 Hz – Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)
FA – 639 Hz – Connecting/Relationships
SOL – 741 Hz – Awakening Intuition
LA – 852 Hz – Returning to Spiritual Order

What piqued my interest was frequency 528, as it allegedly has the ability to repair DNA that has been corrupted or damaged in some way. This compelled me to learn as much as I could about all of these frequencies, and my first stop along the way was an article entitled “Forgotten In Time: The Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies,” which I highly recommend that you click through to and read.

Use of Tonal Frequencies for Healing

While I’m not sure how I originally found it, my next step was a visit to a website called “Educate-Yourself” where I came across an article called “The Use of Tonal Frequencies to Enhance, Heal, & Rejuvenate” by a gentleman named Philip N. Ledoux. Within the context of this very informative article, Mr. Ledoux mentions something called the NCH Tone Generator, which is software than can be used with a standard PC sound card and speakers to generate a vast range of sound frequencies, including combinations of frequencies.

When you click through to the page where he writes about this tone generator, he includes two additional links which provide an exhaustive list of physical illnesses/maladies (i.e., from A to Z) and what specific sound frequencies can be used to assist in healing them. Called “Bio-Energetic Frequency Charts,” you can click here to get to Frequency Chart 1, and click here to get to Frequency Chart 2. It truly is fascinating information.

Being the metaphysical scamp (the late Stuart Wilde’s term) that I am, I decided to download a free trial of the NCH Tone Generator and begin listening to frequencies relating to some minor physical issues I’d experienced now and then over the years. In the end I did purchase a copy of the NCH software and have continued to use it. I believe the price I paid was somewhere around $20US.

Magical Healing Singing Chant

Within the context of Philip Ledoux’s article about tonal frequencies, I also came across some information about an ancient Shinto “magical healing singing chant” called “The 47 Words of God.” This content was also very interesting to me, and I quickly took the time to memorize the entire chant and then began using it while doing mundane things like mowing the lawn. After a while it became like a mantra and is quite comforting. According to the article, some very miraculous healings can occur through the singing of this chant. Here is the basic chant along with its phonetic pronunciation and its English translations. When you read the English translation it truly is a powerful prayer.

Hee Foo-Me. . Yoh E Mu Nah Yah . . . Ko-Toe-Moh Chee Low LahNay
“We are Gods and Creators. We create everything in the Universe for us and it belongs only to us and forever.”

She Key Lou . . . You E t’Sue Wah-Noo . . . Soh Oh Tah Hah Koo-May-Kah
“We practice Freedom, Truth, Love, Beauty, Happiness, Advancement and actually becoming God Beings.”

You Oh Ay . . . Knee-Sah-Lee Hay-Tay . . . No-Mah-Sue Ah Say Ay Ho-Lay-Kay
“We live together forever for our happiness and advancement. Thank you, God, for everyone, everything and for me.”

To learn more about this chant, use this link to the Ledoux article referenced earlier, and then search on this text string: That Magical Healing Singing Chant. Please note that there is some inconsistency in the two phonetic pronunciations referenced on that webpage. I’ve concluded that the first one listed is the correct one, and that is the one I’ve listed above.

Bye for now.

Note: As is the case with all products or services recommended on this blog, I receive no compensation for any click-throughs or purchases eventually made on the part of subscribers or visitors to the site.

Disclaimer: I must emphasize that the opinions in this post are only that – my opinions, based upon my study of the nature of healing as a spiritual journey. I am not a medical expert and I am not dispensing medical advice. With that said, if you use any information on this site without the advice of a licensed medical doctor or licensed psychologist or psychiatrist, you do so at your own risk.

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About “Vibrations”

Last month I posted a passage from a book called “Agartha” by Meredith Lady Young, and today I was inspired to share another one. This book was originally published in 1984 and an updated version was released in 2006. When I consider much of the spiritual growth literature I’ve read over the past decade or so, I have to say that when Agartha was originally published it was way ahead of its time. This will be quite obvious to you when you read the passage below. As should be obvious by now, I highly recommend this book.

“Let us begin by understanding that there are positive and negative vibrations given off by all actions and thoughts. All peoples are besieged through their waking hours with various degrees of negative and positive input, both of their own making and from others. While there is no right or wrong certainly are gradients of nourishing and productive as well as of barren and unfulfilling. “Positive energy” lives as the force of all loving and Divinely-aligned thinking. It is the force that generates balance within all aspects of life. “Negative energy” is the opposite; it is the alien, the unnurturing, the destructive and unaligned energy. If one wishes to increase the positive input and decrease the negative, an understanding of what causes each vibration is essential.

A “vibration” is the condition resulting from an object’s becoming forced out of balance or away from its static equilibrium. Vibrations are sensed, touched, felt, heard, and seen. One’s response to vibration can be voluntary or involuntary. One can choose to hear a song or choose not to consciously hear the very same song. But if the song is playing, it is nevertheless heard on an involuntary level. This involuntary absorption is what we are concerned with here. The body absorbs voluntarily and involuntarily all that it produces and translates as well as all that surrounds it. Indiscriminately, it pulls in and tries to assimilate all that it contacts. If red paint instead of blood surrounded a living cell, the cell would struggle to interact with the paint even though it caused its own death.

Every interaction with another person produces a myriad of vibrations, from the trivial greeting to the in-depth conversation, from the chance remark to the deliberate statement. All encounters produce waves of vibration, either positive and productive or negative and destructive. All input is absorbed and processed by the body…What is seen, touched, eaten, heard and smelled provides the body with a combination of either positive or negative energy. For example, clothing which is only of synthetic fibers tends to be less supportive of the health of the body than that which is of a natural fiber. This means that one receives negative energy from many of the clothes one wears. Natural fibers are of Earth’s vibration and therefore tend to e compatible with the human vibration which is also of the Earth. On the other hand, acetate and polyester are manufactures in the laboratory and therefore are not naturally compatible with the human form. Realize that all these influences on the body are subtle but in total, influence one’s state of health. Different clothes are appropriate for different people, but where the body intuitively resists being put in a particular material or blend, realize that that is more than a whim. It is body wisdom surfacing into conscious thought.

Food which is mainly chemical in nature, synthetic and filled with non-nutritious elements is unhealthy for the body. Here again, the body is continually exposed to an invisible source of negative input through substances which only partially break down within the body, causing near-starvation of bodily tissues as well as poisoning the body with chemicals, additives, and preservatives. Recognition of the vibrations transferred to a food or food product while in the growing stage is also extremely important. What negativity is infused into the life of the plant or animal while growing and during the picking or slaughtering is all passed along to the individual who eats it. Just because negative vibrations are not seen by most people does not mean they do not exist. The potential boon to mankind is enormous as each family assumes responsibility for not only their external actions but also the internal environment they create.”

Meredith Lady Young, in “Agartha”

For more information regarding this book, visit Amazon.

Bye for now.

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Four Steps to Manifesting

“If manifesting – meaning to create or change one’s reality – sounds too theoretical and unfathomable, perhaps there is need for specific instructions in order to understand how the process works. Here are four steps which are the basis for changing or creating reality on the physical level:

  1. Come to a place of understanding. This means to quietly attune oneself with the environment and the unknowable powers of the universe by sitting quietly, clearing the mind of conscious thought.
  2. Visualize as specifically as possible that which is to be changed or created. This should include specifics such as color, size, value, location, or timing. Focus conscious thought on just this desire.
  3. Blend the wish with the total power of bodily energies. This is done by repeating the wish in exactly the same way, using the same words over and over for several weeks until it is felt that the wish and body have merged into one. The wish can be written out and placed in a spot where it will be constantly seen. Each time it is seen it should be read and repeated several times.
  4. When there seems to be a total integration of the thought, and one is intimately aware of every aspect of the words, tear up the paper or dismiss the thought. Each person’s needs will be met, often in a most creative and unpredictable way. The results, however, must be expected. There needs to be confidence that the outcome, while out of one’s own hands, is in the process of being changed or created. This is called creating one’s reality.

The focused energy or personal power which has been united with the intensity of the universe will produce the desired results. This process will not work if: one, the individual is not totally convinced that it is within his/her power to change or create a situation through the unique connection to the Infinite; two, the individual is too lazy or skeptical to work toward achieving a state of natural attunement; or three, the person does not really want what he/she is suggesting. Creating what is needed or wanted is nothing more than understanding and obeying the natural laws of manifestation. “Karma” and ““luck” are often the conscious trade-offs one uses when unwilling or unable to use the laws of manifestation.”

– Meredith Lady Young, in “Agartha, A Journey to the Stars”

For more information regarding this book visit Amazon.

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Primer on Color Therapy for Healing

According to Dinshahhealth.org, color therapy dates back to antiquity but came into a more modern form in the mid-1800s. Though the electric light was not yet invented, their utilization of sunlight and glass filters served as efficiently as any present-day therapeutic device. The classic reference volume, Principles of Light and Color (by Dr. Babbitt, first edition published in 1878), detailed many case histories successfully treated with color therapy using even a rudimentary device: a colored glass bottle.

How can colored light possibly cause a physiologic effect inside a human (or animal) body? Several answers can be given, each may be correct for a particular case or health condition. The first and probably best known is the so-called “blue-light” therapy for some types of neonatal jaundice. Light applied to the skin causes a chemical reaction (photo-oxidation) in blood circulating under the skin, effectively lessening bilirubin levels with the aid of the liver. The second, also by exposure of the skin, is production of vitamin D though it is generated by a higher frequency (ultraviolet) rather than visible light. Third is light energy entering through the eyes. A common misconception is that the eyes function solely in the capacity of visual imaging.

Additional light exposure is well-known to cause a beneficial change in “seasonal affective disorder” (SAD), a condition believed to be caused by insufficient light energization through the eyes to the hypothalamus thence to the pituitary gland which controls the endocrine system. The fourth is the author’s (i.e. Darius Dinshah) hypothesis, derived from several sources: Each individual cell in a living organism has a specific function to perform. In so doing, it generates and radiates a specific energy; the cellular energy totality is often termed the “aura”. The liver radiates the equivalent frequency (harmonic) of red light, the pituitary radiates green, the spleen violet, circulatory system is magenta, lymphatic system is yellow, and so on.

The logic behind color therapy is this: when a particular organ or system is underactive, its auric energy decreases so the appropriate activating color is projected on the affected area (sometimes the entire body). If overactivity is present, such as in excessive fever, the obvious remedy is an opposite (depressant) color. Further, by energizing the natural reparative powers present within us, rather than relying on drugs with their attendant often-dangerous side effects, resistant bacteria are not encouraged. For more information visit Dinshahhealth.org or Amazon.com.

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The Concepts of Self-healing and “Alternative” Healing

As every person knows occasionally the miraculous human body becomes ill or diseased in some way. Certainly no one would consciously choose this. And yet, from my spiritual study I’ve come to believe there does seem to be a direct connection between unresolved emotions and physical dysfunction. One of the pioneers in this area is the author Louise Hay, whose 1984 book “You Can Heal Your Life” is one of the most popular self-help titles ever published.

Another author who addressed this subject in comprehensive detail is Karol K. Truman in her book “Feelings Buried Alive Don’t Die.” Add to that the work of Inna Segal in “The Secret Language of Your Body” and other books as well. In the Hay, Truman, and Segal books, the authors go so far as to actually identify the specific types of thoughts/emotional patterns that underlie a laundry list of diseases. Of the three I’ve found the most value in the Truman and Segal books because they each provide more detail than the Hay book does. These books and others inspired me to begin learning about alternative healing approaches, and in the process of studying this subject I learned about all sorts of cool things including energy healing sessions, feelings processing, homeopathy, color light therapy, magnet therapy, and more.

In future posts I’ll be getting more deeply into the different healing modalities I have learned about over the years, with the intent being just to share information that I’ve found to be incredibly valuable and interesting. One thing that can be said for certain is that I now have no doubt that each and every one of us has the innate ability to self-heal; we just need to check in with our inner guidance and be willing to roll up our sleeves and make the effort necessary to identify and then apply the ideal healing modalities to use in any given situation. This is not to suggest that one should not consult with the conventional medical community, but that the ultimate responsibility for healing our bodies belongs to us.

To close this post, below I’ve pasted in a very interesting passage from a very cool book that I read a while back called “Dying for a Change” by William Murtha. I highly recommend this work as it’s a fascinating true story of the author’s fight to survive hypothermia and drowning in the freezing waters off the coast of Britain. In the midst of this near-death experience he suddenly became aware of a Higher Presence that engaged him in an enlightening and heart-warming conversation. Below is an excerpt from the book that applies directly to the subject of today’s post:

Higher Presence: We are all born with this natural ability to self-heal. It is woven into our genetic code and the cells in our body. As children, we instinctively know this. We don’t question it. But as we develop and mature into teenagers and then adults, we forget about our own natural healing abilities. We very quickly detach ourselves from all beliefs that the mind is infinitely more powerful than the body. When you have a cut on your skin, the cells and stem cells in your body go to work right away. They are consciously aware that your skin must be patched up immediately to avoid any chance of infection or bleeding to death. This intelligence and organism inside you knows precisely what must be done to heal you. There is no pause because your cellular system instinctually knows what its healing function is. It just gets on with the job at hand without any conscious interference from you. But with other external matters, it is wildly different. We falsely hold the outdated model that we cannot heal ourselves. This is something that our present culture abides to and honors. But, sadly, this false wisdom is not from actual experience. It’s a belief that our young and immature culture has grown up with and adopted.

William Murtha: So why do we lose sight of this inherent natural ability to self-heal?

Higher Presence: Because we are socially conditioned to believe that only doctors and medication can heal us. We are brought up with the false understanding that only pharmaceutical companies and modern medicine can “fix” us. It never even enters our heads to question that something more profound is possibly going on here. We never think to look into what the power of the mind can do for our physical condition. Heck, the majority don’t even use their minds, let alone tap into their infinite potential. Scientists who study the positive and yet bizarre effects of placebos know that something extraordinary is going on. They know, without question, that the majority of the healing taking place is actually due to the patient’s own belief in the doctor’s prescription when a placebo is administered. These scientists know that it is the patient’s own self-healing that is curing his or her illness. After all, how else could somebody become completely cured by a placebo that is really nothing more than a harmless sugar tablet?”]

Bye for now.

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If Only I Could Be Like My Cells

Here is some excellent content from the author Dr. Deepak Chopra:

What does it mean to live a spiritual life? Who can teach me the core principles of spirituality? Strangely enough my own body can teach me everything I need to know. The cells of my body are already doing what I want to learn. My body does everything better, with more passion and commitment than me. The cells in my body have no problem fully participating in life. A hundred thousand billion of them signed on to the same silent agreement, which can be described through qualities that the most spiritual person would envy-but the most practical person would envy them at the same time. These shared qualities speak eloquently for what a cell agrees not to do as much as for what it does.

Higher Purpose: A cell agrees to work for the welfare of the whole body first and its individual welfare second. If necessary it will die to protect the body-the lifetime of any given cell is a fraction of our own lifetime. Skin cells perish by the thousands every hour, as do immune cells fighting off invading microbes. Selfishness is not an option, even when it comes down to a cell’s survival.

Communion: A cell keeps in touch with every other cell. Messenger molecules race everywhere to notify the farthest outposts of any desire or intention, however slight. Withdrawing or refusing to communicate is not an option.

Awareness: Cells adapt from moment to moment. They remain flexible in order to respond to immediate situations. Getting caught up in rigid habits is not an option.

Acceptance: Cells recognize each other as equally important. Every function in the body is interdependent with every other. Going it alone is not an option.

Creativity: Although every cell has a set of unique functions (liver cells, for example, can perform fifty separate functions), these combine in creative ways. A person can digest food never eaten before, think thoughts never thought before, dance in a way never seen before. Clinging to old behavior is not an option.

Being: Cells obey the universal cycle of rest and activity. Although this cycle expresses itself in many ways such as fluctuating hormone levels, blood pressures, and digestive rhythms, the most obvious expression is sleep. Why we need to sleep remains a medical mystery, yet complete dysfunction develops if we don’t. In the silence of inactivity the future of the body is incubating. Being obsessively active is not an option.

Efficiency: Cells function with the least expenditure of energy. Typically a cell only stores three seconds of food and oxygen inside the cell wall. It trusts totally on being provided for. Excessive consumption of food, air, or water is not an option, and neither is hoarding.

Bonding: Due to their common genetic inheritance, cells know that they are fundamentally the same. The fact that liver cells are different from heart cells, and muscle cells different from brain cells does not negate their common identity, which is unchanging. In the laboratory a muscle cell can be genetically transformed into a heart cell by going back to their common source. Cells remain tied to their source no matter how many times they divide. Being an outcast is not an option.

Giving: The primary activity of cells is giving, which, maintains the integrity of all other cells. Total commitment to giving makes receiving automatic-it is the other half of a natural cycle. Hoarding is not an option.

Immortality: Cells reproduce in order to pass on their knowledge, experience, and talents, withholding nothing from their offspring. This is a kind of practical immortality, submitting to death on the physical plane but defeating it on the non-physical. The generation gap is not an option.

When I look at what my cells have agreed to, isn’t it a spiritual pact in every sense of the word? Other labels work just as well for any of these qualities. The first, higher purpose, could be changed to surrender or selflessness. Awareness includes both alertness and adaptability. But my body is unconcerned with labels. To it, these qualities are woven into everyday existence. They are the result of life’s inner intelligence evolving over billions of years as biology. If you examine the structure of a single cell, nothing like surrender, awareness, or communion would be evident. These qualities aren’t present in single-celled organisms like bacteria, yeasts, and amoebas. The mystery of life was patient and careful in allowing its full potential to emerge. Single-celled creatures continue to thrive-thousands live in your intestines, which could not digest food without them. Evolution moves forward, but it remembers where it has been, and nothing is lost.

Even now the silent agreement that holds my body together feels like a secret, because to all appearances it doesn’t exist. More than two hundred and fifty types of cells go about their daily business-the fifty functions that a liver cell performs are totally unique, not overlapping with the tasks of muscle, kidney, heart, or brain cells-yet it would be catastrophic if even one function were compromised. As it divides into billions of progeny, the first fertilized cell in my mother’s womb kept its link to the source. At the level of memory, I still am that first cell. If I possess a soul, anything I could possibly know about it was told to my body first.

The mystery of life has found a way to express itself through me. In fact that’s my purpose for being here. Am I fulfilling that purpose? If you read over the list again and take note of everything marked “not an option,” you confront a stark fact: The very behavior that would kill our bodies in a day hasn’t been renounced by us as people. We are selfish and greedy. We refuse to cooperate; we behave as though there is no higher purpose more important than the demands of I, me, and mine. In our fragmentation and confusion, we’ve been ignoring the very model of a perfect spiritual life inside ourselves.

As they evolved, cells learned what really works for survival. Your body can’t afford to pay lip service to leading a spiritual life unless it wants to throw away eons of wisdom. Yet the vast majority of suffering in our personal lives comes about because we consciously choose to behave contrary to the soul bargain that keeps our bodies alive.

Deepak Chopra, MD

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Negative Feelings Exercise by Fr. Anthony DeMello, S.J.

From the book “Awareness” by Fr. Anthony DeMello, S.J.:

“First get in touch with yourself for a few seconds and become aware of your presence in the room and become aware of the kind of thoughts that are going on within you.

Think of somebody you’re living with or working with whom you do not like – who causes negative feelings to arise within you. Now let’s help you understand that. To understand what’s going on – first understand that the negative feeling is within you. What you understand will change.

You are responsible for the negative feeling. Not the other person. Somebody else in your place would be perfectly calm and at easy, in the presence of this person. Can you get in touch with that? Now say to this person, “I have no right to make any demand on you.” As you say that you drop your expectation – “I have no right to make any demand on you.”

I’ll protect myself from the consequences of your actions, moods, or whatever – but you can go on right ahead and be what you choose to be!

See what happens when you do this – And if there’s a resistance to saying that – my how much you’ll discover about yourself.

Let the dictator come out the tyrant too! You thought you were such a little lamb did you. I’m a tyrant – I want to run your life. I want you be what I expect you to be. Expect you to behave the way I want you to behave–and you better behave that way or else. Or I shall punish myself by having negative feelings. That sounds so wise doesn’t it?

PS: Fr. DeMello also has this to say about someone who feels they’ve been let down by someone else:

“Come off it, you never trust anyone, you simply trust your judgment about that person. Most people look to the other person and say, “how could you let me down” when the truth is they don’t want to say to themselves, “My judgment was lousy!”

Bye for now.

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