Getting Back On Track – Using Megapotency Homeopathy (by Jill Turland)

As indicated in many posts on this blog, I have an avid interest in alternative healing modalities that keeps me reading and learning as much as I can. Over the past 20 years, I’ve used some homeopathic remedies at the suggestion of alternative healers, and in several instances found obvious benefit from their use. However, I never really understood the actual foundation of homeopathy and how/why it works. This book answered all of my questions and gave me the kind of deep knowledge about the subject that I was hoping to find. The information about using megapotency homeopathy is simply fascinating, and the detailed content provided about the ten critical remedies is both valuable and practical.

I also very much resonated with the author’s views on the failure of the mainstream medical system to actually “heal” conditions as opposed to just managing them. I likewise felt completely aligned with the social commentary she shared, and really appreciated her authentic, no-nonsense approach to sharing it. Jill Turland pulls no punches in her analysis, which is refreshing in today’s world that prefers so-called “political correctness.” Bottom line, I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in using homeopathy for the actual “healing” of conditions as opposed to just “managing”” them with conventional medicine.

Here’s one of my favorite passages from this wonderful book:

“Man’s inhumanity to man reaches its peak in today’s medical methods. There is hardly a procedure used in orthodox medicine that does not involve force, manipulation, aggression or violence, and the same can be said for pharmaceutical drugs. The whole mindset seems to be ‘If it can’t harm you, how can it help you?’ or even worse, ‘f it can’t kill you, how can it help you?’ And the killer mentality is accepted as normal.

Drugs are manufactured with the intention of forcing the body to produce more or less of hormone, enzymes or amino acids; or of replacing those with synthetic chemical hormones that encourage the body to shut down on its own natural production of them; and of forcing chemical reactions to take place that are not the choice of the innate cellular intelligence and therefore not in line with healing. Despite the fact that the body is the grandest problem-solver there is, quietly and perpetually overcoming billions of obstacles without our conscious instruction, doctors don’t trust it. They turn to chemical drugs. Confusion and congestion result, the body’s elimination channels become clogged up with chemicals it has no programming for neutralising or cleaning out. It is a dangerous practice requiring critical doses that make scant allowance for variations in human tolerance and carry high risk factors, even when considered ‘safe’ enough to be prescribed over the counter, in pharmacies and supermarkets.

It is no wonder that some doctors suffer guilt. How terrible it must be, to work in a practice where you know, at the end of the day, that you have not made one prescription that offers real healing; not one person has been given gentle, non-invasive treatment chose to co-operate with the body’s intentions and stimulate the person’s natural self-healing capabilities.”

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