The Concepts of Self-healing and “Alternative” Healing

As every person knows occasionally the miraculous human body becomes ill or diseased in some way. Certainly no one would consciously choose this. And yet, from my spiritual study I’ve come to believe there does seem to be a direct connection between unresolved emotions and physical dysfunction. One of the pioneers in this area is the author Louise Hay, whose 1984 book “You Can Heal Your Life” is one of the most popular self-help titles ever published.

Another author who addressed this subject in comprehensive detail is Karol K. Truman in her book “Feelings Buried Alive Don’t Die.” Add to that the work of Inna Segal in “The Secret Language of Your Body” and other books as well. In the Hay, Truman, and Segal books, the authors go so far as to actually identify the specific types of thoughts/emotional patterns that underlie a laundry list of diseases. Of the three I’ve found the most value in the Truman and Segal books because they each provide more detail than the Hay book does. These books and others inspired me to begin learning about alternative healing approaches, and in the process of studying this subject I learned about all sorts of cool things including energy healing sessions, feelings processing, homeopathy, color light therapy, magnet therapy, and more.

In future posts I’ll be getting more deeply into the different healing modalities I have learned about over the years, with the intent being just to share information that I’ve found to be incredibly valuable and interesting. One thing that can be said for certain is that I now have no doubt that each and every one of us has the innate ability to self-heal; we just need to check in with our inner guidance and be willing to roll up our sleeves and make the effort necessary to identify and then apply the ideal healing modalities to use in any given situation. This is not to suggest that one should not consult with the conventional medical community, but that the ultimate responsibility for healing our bodies belongs to us.

To close this post, below I’ve pasted in a very interesting passage from a very cool book that I read a while back called “Dying for a Change” by William Murtha. I highly recommend this work as it’s a fascinating true story of the author’s fight to survive hypothermia and drowning in the freezing waters off the coast of Britain. In the midst of this near-death experience he suddenly became aware of a Higher Presence that engaged him in an enlightening and heart-warming conversation. Below is an excerpt from the book that applies directly to the subject of today’s post:

Higher Presence: We are all born with this natural ability to self-heal. It is woven into our genetic code and the cells in our body. As children, we instinctively know this. We don’t question it. But as we develop and mature into teenagers and then adults, we forget about our own natural healing abilities. We very quickly detach ourselves from all beliefs that the mind is infinitely more powerful than the body. When you have a cut on your skin, the cells and stem cells in your body go to work right away. They are consciously aware that your skin must be patched up immediately to avoid any chance of infection or bleeding to death. This intelligence and organism inside you knows precisely what must be done to heal you. There is no pause because your cellular system instinctually knows what its healing function is. It just gets on with the job at hand without any conscious interference from you. But with other external matters, it is wildly different. We falsely hold the outdated model that we cannot heal ourselves. This is something that our present culture abides to and honors. But, sadly, this false wisdom is not from actual experience. It’s a belief that our young and immature culture has grown up with and adopted.

William Murtha: So why do we lose sight of this inherent natural ability to self-heal?

Higher Presence: Because we are socially conditioned to believe that only doctors and medication can heal us. We are brought up with the false understanding that only pharmaceutical companies and modern medicine can “fix” us. It never even enters our heads to question that something more profound is possibly going on here. We never think to look into what the power of the mind can do for our physical condition. Heck, the majority don’t even use their minds, let alone tap into their infinite potential. Scientists who study the positive and yet bizarre effects of placebos know that something extraordinary is going on. They know, without question, that the majority of the healing taking place is actually due to the patient’s own belief in the doctor’s prescription when a placebo is administered. These scientists know that it is the patient’s own self-healing that is curing his or her illness. After all, how else could somebody become completely cured by a placebo that is really nothing more than a harmless sugar tablet?”]

Bye for now.

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