Ask yourself, “How will I or anyone else benefit from my sharing this?”

Ever since the late 1980s when I initially began to walk a path of spiritual growth, I’ve made best efforts to spend at least a few minutes in “quiet time” each week. It’s not something I always accomplish, as like virtually everyone else in our busy western world there are many things that pull me in other directions. With that said, over the years I’ve received some very interesting insights at times, and occasionally something particularly insightful pops into my head.

In this regard, recently I was sitting outside in the yard and asked this question out loud, “So, what is it you want me to know today Spirit?” Quite quickly the following information came flowing into my mind:

“From this point forward in your life, before you speak a word to anyone, either in person, on the telephone, or through any form of written communication, train yourself to ask this question internally: “How will I or anyone else involved actually benefit from what I am about to say or put into writing?” And, if you cannot immediately identify such a benefit, then do NOT say it or write it. By implementing this practice you will bit by bit increase your vibration and over time begin to attract more positive things into your life.”

In some sense this may not appear to be a “profound” insight, as it’s almost something commonsensical, if you will. And yet, when I began to be more conscious in this manner, I found that on numerous occasions throughout any given day an idea would pop into my mind to say (or write) something that clearly wouldn’t in any way benefit me or anyone else! While this does take some self-discipline to put into practice, my experience in working with this insight has taught me that it’s well worth the effort. In just a few weeks I’ve gotten a bit regimented in applying this practice, and I must say that it has stopped me from saying and writing many things that in the past I would have just shared without even thinking about it (including posts on social media!).

So, if you’re up for advancing your spiritual growth and increasing your vibration, try asking yourself this question before you say or write anything: “How will I or anyone else benefit from my sharing this information?”

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