Asking for Permission Before Praying for a Person

The following passage is from a book called “Awaken to the Healer Within” by the late Rich Work, a very spiritual man who touched a lot of lives in a very positive way. Since there is a lot of information on this blog about alternative healing, I felt it important to include this passage on this site as well.

“Too often I witness a situation in which a person who has a physical problem is approached by another who says, “Give me a minute, I can fix that.” That person has not given permission. In fact, they may not even desire to be fixed. At least not just yet. We live in a society that suggests we pray for those who are not well. I know of many well-intentioned people who belong to prayer groups and healing circles that offer prayers (healing energy) in an effort to see others become well. To do so without the permission of the person for which it is directed is to interfere. No, I am not going to suggest that you stop praying, but I would suggest that you consider offering it in the following manner:

From the Divine Love that flows within my Being,
I now call forth [name] to stand before me
As I stand before you – in Love
On your behalf I offer you this prayer to accept or reject
According to your Free-Will Choice.
[Add your Prayer]

Rich Work with Ann Marie Groth, in “Awaken to the Healer Within”

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