Everyone is Born with a Natural Ability to Heal – Excerpt from “Dying for a Change” by William L. Murtha

Voice of Higher Presence: We are all born with this natural ability to self heal. It is woven into our genetic code and the cells in our body. As children, we instinctively know this. We don’t question it. But as we develop and mature into teenagers and then adults, we forget about our own natural healing abilities. We very quickly detach ourselves from all beliefs that the mind is infinitely more powerful than the body. When you have a cut on your skin, the cells and stem cells in your body go to work right away. They are consciously aware that your skin must be patched up immediately to avoid any chance of infection or bleeding to death. This intelligence and organism inside you knows precisely what must be done to heal you. There is no pause because your cellular system instinctually knows what its healing function is. It just gets on with the job at hand without any conscious interference from you. But with other external matters, it is wildly different. We falsely hold the outdated model that we cannot heal ourselves. This is something that our present culture abides to and honors. But, sadly, this false wisdom is not from actual experience. It’s a belief that our young and immature culture has grown up with and adopted.

William L. Murtha: So why do we lose sight of this inherent natural ability to self-heal?

Voice of Higher Presence: Because we are socially conditioned to believe that only doctors and medication can heal us. We are brought up with the false understanding that only pharmaceutical companies and modern medicine can “fix” us. It never even enters our heads to question that something more profound is possibly going on here. We never think to look into what the power of the mind can do for our physical condition. Heck, the majority don’t even use their minds, let alone tap into their infinite potential. Scientists who study the positive and yet bizarre effects of placebos know that something extraordinary is going on. They know, without question, that the majority of the healing taking place is actually due to the patient’s own belief in the doctor’s prescription when a placebo is administered. These scientists know that it is the patient’s own self-healing that is curing his or her illness. After all, how else could somebody become completely cured by a placebo that is really nothing more than a harmless sugar tablet?

William L. Murtha: I’ve never really thought about belief and self-healing this way before. But if this is fact, then why isn’t this information more widely available? Why is this understanding not taught in schools to all children? And why are the medical journals and scientific papers not awash with this new wisdom?

Voice of Higher Presence: It all boils down to the commercial aspect. Can you imagine what this would do to the whole medical profession should it be proven true? Can you not see how this would fundamentally shatter all previous beliefs?

William L. Murtha: Not to mention the effect it would have on profits for pharmaceutical companies. I can’t imagine they would be pleased if this wisdom was adopted by the medical fraternity as a whole.

Voice of Higher Presence: If our culture discovered that, in most cases, they could actually control their own health patterns and well-being, then a lot of establishments would crumble. Can you imagine what consequences this would have on how we all view the world? If everybody knew that, in most situations, they could self-heal, just imagine what effect this would have on society.

William L. Murtha: So what is holding us back from adopting a more holistic vision for the future? What’s preventing our education in schools from looking into this more deeply?

Voice of Higher Presence: The answer is complex, but, in a few words, a great deal is invested in holding back the evolution of our race. There is much to lose commercially if the truth were known to all. It is very hard for a sector to change its ideas when the very act of change would threaten its own existence. The majority of the medical profession, not to mention the ballooning pharmaceutical industry, has much invested in our culture remaining tied to this model. They are not in the industry of enlightening their patients, for to do so would threaten their own professional existence.

William L. Murtha: But it doesn’t make any sense. We haven’t the social or financial resources to keep the health service growing. There isn’t the budget available to find more doctors or medicine. I read in the papers that, as a nation, we could be bankrupt within the first few decades of this century. If we maintain the current growth patterns of medical dependency, then medical care would eclipse all other national spending by the middle of the 21st century.

Voice of Higher Presence: And as you may well discover, it will then only become a viable service to the elite.

William L. Murtha: This mentality is ludicrous. If we continue on this road of blatantly holding back new understandings, then nobody will ever become self-reliant with regard to their health. And if the medical profession and drug companies are happy to withhold this new wisdom, then they’re not just cheating us. They are actually holding back our evolution as a species. How are we ever going to evolve when the truth is being held back from us? It’s not ethical.

Voice of Higher Presence: Let’s not get carried away here. There have been some extraordinary medical advances over the past two centuries. Medicine, with the aid of science, has taken a quantum leap forward in its understanding of the human mind and body. And these new discoveries have prevented millions of deaths. Do not forget this. But here is the crux. We have now reached a stage when human evolution needs to take its next leap. It needs to advance onto a higher level of vibration. Unfortunately, this new paradigm shift does not fit cosily into the thinking of the present paradigm. Medicine, science and the pharmaceutical companies have now constructed a dependence culture that is nearly impossible to change. They certainly do not want to see their power taken away and shattered, especially as it has taken hundreds of years for our cultural beliefs on medicine to reach this position.

William L. Murtha: But, come on, it’s a no-brainer here. If the majority of drugs and medication are shutting down our ability to feel alive and connect with others, then we are doing more harm than good. All we’re doing by becoming too reliant on the medical profession and medication is substituting one nightmare for another. We’re simply pushing the bubble to another place. Okay, we may be resolving every tiny ailment in the body, but if that comes at the expense of my ability to connect deeply with others, then I’m not sure I’d want it. My emotions are important to me. They help me to truly feel what it means to be a human being.

Voice of Higher Presence: And you’ve not mentioned that your emotions are your inner truth in physical form. Take that away, and you deprive yourself of the essential ability of touching your own soul.

William L. Murtha: If my emotions are severely disrupted by taking artificial chemicals into the body, then I’m nothing more than a walking zombie, detached from the rest of the world.

Voice of Higher Presence: My friend, you are now beginning to open your eyes to the full picture. You are joining up the dots and seeing with great insight and wisdom the kind of world we will create for ourselves if nothing ever alters. When a culture becomes overly dependent on drugs and medication, then it produces a society that spends most of its time sleepwalking through life. And when a race relies on external material fixes, then it becomes deeply unconscious of its actions—a race that is detached from the possibilities of its inner, subjective world.

William L. Murtha: Not to mention a human race that is oblivious to what is going on all around itself. If we remain asleep and deeply unconscious of our emotions, then surely we will create a future society that is devoid of all feeling, won’t we? If all forms of drugs do blunt off our emotional channels, then we will develop into a race where there is little compassion or reverence for anything.

Voice of Higher Presence: As I have already intimated, living with your emotional channels fully open is vital to ensuring that you gain a sense of who and what you are. Take that function away, and yes, you are correct, we do create a half-asleep race that is deeply unconscious. You cannot express empathy and compassion to another if your own emotions are blunted by artificial chemicals.

William L. Murtha, in “Dying for a Change”

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