Healing and Recovery by David R. Hawkins

A while back I read a fascinating book by the late David R. Hawkins called “Healing and Recovery.” Much like his landmark title “Power versus Force,” “Healing & Recovery is packed with valuable information that challenges conventional approaches to healing. Typically, medical treatment is based on treating bodily symptoms that are allegedly causing the illness or disease to be present. In Hawkins’ world, this is not the appropriate way to address the problems. Why not? Because whatever is found in or on the body that has led to a health issue is NOT the cause of the problem, but merely the “effect” of something held in consciousness (or, in mind, if you will).

While this is not radical teaching in the world of mind-body medicine, Hawkins’ discussion is packed with some very solid theory to support his views. As such, in my view it is a very practical book. In it Hawkins described how he healed himself of numerous illnesses, including hypoglycemia (it took two years by the way). One of the techniques he applied was a series of affirmative statements, one that he used whenever thoughts would crop up about the disease or symptoms in question. Here is that affirmation:

I Am an Infinite Being
I am NOT subject to that
I am only subject to what I hold in mind
That does NOT apply to me
And I hereby cancel it and reject it.

From my perspective this is really powerful stuff.

Bye for now.

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