Stuart Wilde on Government and Propaganda

“So if you go into the street and tell people that their nation is evil and run by megalomaniacs whose main motivation is power and control, they won’t believe you. People may bitch a bit, but overall they will see their country and its institutions as holy and good, and they’ll ignore the fact that they are personally powerless. Once you infect the national mind and sustain the drip year to year, people gradually become so polluted by propaganda they cannot resist. Eventually they come to believe the reality that has been selected for them. This reality and the government’s manipulation of the people is seen as inevitable and part of maintaining stability…

Manufacturing crisis is an integral part of the controlling mechanism. It allows the status quo to claim that they know best. They can act unilaterally and grant themselves special powers and emergency regulations to deal with the manufactured crises and everyone consents, happy to transfer responsibility to the authorities. Eventually, with enough propaganda, reality shifts to reflect the negative waves that they want us to believe are true. You might have difficulty seeing how it’s done if you have never looked at the process in depth.

The central psychology used is to establish obligation and guilt. People are made to feel obligated, and they are told to sacrifice themselves for the common good – which sounds lovely – except the fruit of their sacrifice is not used for the common good, it’s used to sustain the common bad. And because our people are disempowered, they have no power to act or to fix problems themselves. It follows they must empower others to do so. If they don’t agree to empower others, then they are made to feel guilty.

The sub-message dripped relentlessly into our minds is that we have no power to control our own destinies. The substrata of that lie is that we are victims of chance, and so are powerless to remain safe and secure without the good grace and guarantee of our authorities. It’s the divine right of kings wrapped up in a modern psychological ploy, so well hidden and so subliminally offered that that almost nobody sees it. In a world where people’s egos have been pumped and dumped, offering them guarantees, protection, and safety is like heroin. Offering them importance is like cocaine – it stimulates them. Isolating them is like Valium – it makes them docile. When people are psychologically disempowered and mentally drugged with propaganda, they gradually give up responsibility for themselves and often become drugged physically.

You can dramatically reduce the power of the status quo over your life and abandon the seriousness, fear, and gravity that may have polluted your thinking by turning off the mass media.

Stuart Wilde, in “Whispering Winds of Change”

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