Powerful Spiritual Advice from the late Stuart Wilde

“Here is an idea for you to consider:

Your life is divine. The plan is perfect. As humans we come from a very special, very sacred place. Only your mind stands in the way. Free will is for amateurs. It got you the job you hate, the disastrous relationship you endured; it got you to the stop sign in time to hit the bus. Dump free will, it’s a disaster. The mind can only guess at what might be right for you, only your subtle feelings actually know. Those messages come to you minute-by-minute.

Remember, I have said, “I have no plan. I make minute-by-minute my plan.”

Administration is hiring enough competent drivers to run the trains on time. Control is different to administration. Let go of control. The ultimate Nazi controller is your mind.

It loves to ponder and talk and talk and talk about itself while it sprays its pain electronically “round the world” to anyone that will listen. The tom-tom drum runs at full tilt. Stop it. You will never see the glory of your life while you are spreading your pain, your story, your gossip. Be a warrior, go to silence. Spend a part of each week in total silence. No reading, no music, no writing, blank.

In the sound of silence you will find nothingness. Become nothing and let go of self and disempower the inner-Nazi and you will see that you become everything. Your natural state is to be everything.

The power and the glory of what you might become is in the silence. You will only see it once you quit being a pained, immature child, yak, yak, yak, pretending to be a grown-up.

We are not here to mount campaigns, or change the world, or even to bring a higher awareness, though a higher awareness may be an outcropping of some of our ideas and philosophies. And we┬╣re certainly not here to reform the system, or to influence people to change their ways. We are here to improve ourselves and hopefully demonstrate the presence of God’s love on Earth to others, that’s all. That is enough.

Be selfless and allow your life’s plan to unfold and go to silence and wait patiently. If you are asked to serve, do so humbly and quietly and then leave in the night and ask for nothing and expect nothing and all will be provided for you.

That is my advice, consider it if you will.”

Stuart Wilde

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