The Nature of Praying

“Prayers are personal and yet there are aspects of praying which need to be noted. There are elements within the prayer framework which help the individual send out the most appropriate requests for guidance and action.

An opening or salutation – A loving introduction to the forces which one perceives as the focus and outgrowth of one’s being draws the energy of that presence within range of one’s own physical being. Whether or not the word “God” is used, an appropriate designation of the energy or presence to whom one is speaking is necessary.

A statement of thankfulness for those gifts and perceptions already received – This approach acknowledges one’s own connection to the Universe or God and reaffirms one’s own awareness that gifts of understanding have come to allow the individual to move toward the Light.

Verification of the problem or focus of prayer – The prayer process invokes eventual healing through the individual’s ability to precisely understand the situation and in so doing more clearly see the matching piece which is the solution. Clarity of thought in this case brings the energy of the dilemma to a head and causes the matching energy of the solution to be equally focused and thus obvious to the individual.

Affirmation of one’s belief in an appropriate solution – If one does not believe that a solution of some type is possible, then one has no business praying, for no solution will be forthcoming. It is only through one’s belief in a possible solution that appropriate avenues of help will be noticed. In other words, if one is close to healing vehicles, then none will be found even though they exist in one’s life.

Praying causes energy, celestial and physical, to be directed to a specific area of one’s life, and repetition of the same prayer is very effective in drawing in appropriate telepathic vibrations…In other words, when one uses the same prayer over and over, it builds not only the intensity of the invocation, but also the clarity with which the Universe’s response can be heard, seen and understood.”

Meredith Lady Young, in “Agartha”

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