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Spirituality SimplifiedIn the final chapter of Spirituality Simplified entitled “The Path of Spiritual Growth,” I make the point that once a person makes a decision to walk down the path of self-discovery it’s impossible to turn back. It actually becomes a life-long process of finding additional pieces to the puzzle of life. Interestingly, though, I also eventually came to the conclusion  that the objective isn’t really to reach some place of final enlightenment, because the reality is there is always something new to discover.

Since writing that chapter more than 20 years ago I’ve continued to read books in the spiritual growth category, and have done a lot of research into alternative healing methods. To say that I’ve learned a lot over these years would be a major understatement. It is for this reason I started writing this blog since it will allow me to share a lot of cool stuff I’ve discovered since Spirituality Simplified was originally published.

Bye for now.

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