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Last month I posted a passage from a book called “Agartha” by Meredith Lady Young, and today I was inspired to share another one. This book was originally published in 1984 and an updated version was released in 2006. When I consider much of the spiritual growth literature I’ve read over the past decade or so, I have to say that when Agartha was originally published it was way ahead of its time. This will be quite obvious to you when you read the passage below. As should be obvious by now, I highly recommend this book.

“Let us begin by understanding that there are positive and negative vibrations given off by all actions and thoughts. All peoples are besieged through their waking hours with various degrees of negative and positive input, both of their own making and from others. While there is no right or wrong certainly are gradients of nourishing and productive as well as of barren and unfulfilling. “Positive energy” lives as the force of all loving and Divinely-aligned thinking. It is the force that generates balance within all aspects of life. “Negative energy” is the opposite; it is the alien, the unnurturing, the destructive and unaligned energy. If one wishes to increase the positive input and decrease the negative, an understanding of what causes each vibration is essential.

A “vibration” is the condition resulting from an object’s becoming forced out of balance or away from its static equilibrium. Vibrations are sensed, touched, felt, heard, and seen. One’s response to vibration can be voluntary or involuntary. One can choose to hear a song or choose not to consciously hear the very same song. But if the song is playing, it is nevertheless heard on an involuntary level. This involuntary absorption is what we are concerned with here. The body absorbs voluntarily and involuntarily all that it produces and translates as well as all that surrounds it. Indiscriminately, it pulls in and tries to assimilate all that it contacts. If red paint instead of blood surrounded a living cell, the cell would struggle to interact with the paint even though it caused its own death.

Every interaction with another person produces a myriad of vibrations, from the trivial greeting to the in-depth conversation, from the chance remark to the deliberate statement. All encounters produce waves of vibration, either positive and productive or negative and destructive. All input is absorbed and processed by the body…What is seen, touched, eaten, heard and smelled provides the body with a combination of either positive or negative energy. For example, clothing which is only of synthetic fibers tends to be less supportive of the health of the body than that which is of a natural fiber. This means that one receives negative energy from many of the clothes one wears. Natural fibers are of Earth’s vibration and therefore tend to e compatible with the human vibration which is also of the Earth. On the other hand, acetate and polyester are manufactures in the laboratory and therefore are not naturally compatible with the human form. Realize that all these influences on the body are subtle but in total, influence one’s state of health. Different clothes are appropriate for different people, but where the body intuitively resists being put in a particular material or blend, realize that that is more than a whim. It is body wisdom surfacing into conscious thought.

Food which is mainly chemical in nature, synthetic and filled with non-nutritious elements is unhealthy for the body. Here again, the body is continually exposed to an invisible source of negative input through substances which only partially break down within the body, causing near-starvation of bodily tissues as well as poisoning the body with chemicals, additives, and preservatives. Recognition of the vibrations transferred to a food or food product while in the growing stage is also extremely important. What negativity is infused into the life of the plant or animal while growing and during the picking or slaughtering is all passed along to the individual who eats it. Just because negative vibrations are not seen by most people does not mean they do not exist. The potential boon to mankind is enormous as each family assumes responsibility for not only their external actions but also the internal environment they create.”

Meredith Lady Young, in “Agartha”

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