Four Steps to Manifesting

“If manifesting – meaning to create or change one’s reality – sounds too theoretical and unfathomable, perhaps there is need for specific instructions in order to understand how the process works. Here are four steps which are the basis for changing or creating reality on the physical level:

  1. Come to a place of understanding. This means to quietly attune oneself with the environment and the unknowable powers of the universe by sitting quietly, clearing the mind of conscious thought.
  2. Visualize as specifically as possible that which is to be changed or created. This should include specifics such as color, size, value, location, or timing. Focus conscious thought on just this desire.
  3. Blend the wish with the total power of bodily energies. This is done by repeating the wish in exactly the same way, using the same words over and over for several weeks until it is felt that the wish and body have merged into one. The wish can be written out and placed in a spot where it will be constantly seen. Each time it is seen it should be read and repeated several times.
  4. When there seems to be a total integration of the thought, and one is intimately aware of every aspect of the words, tear up the paper or dismiss the thought. Each person’s needs will be met, often in a most creative and unpredictable way. The results, however, must be expected. There needs to be confidence that the outcome, while out of one’s own hands, is in the process of being changed or created. This is called creating one’s reality.

The focused energy or personal power which has been united with the intensity of the universe will produce the desired results. This process will not work if: one, the individual is not totally convinced that it is within his/her power to change or create a situation through the unique connection to the Infinite; two, the individual is too lazy or skeptical to work toward achieving a state of natural attunement; or three, the person does not really want what he/she is suggesting. Creating what is needed or wanted is nothing more than understanding and obeying the natural laws of manifestation. “Karma” and ““luck” are often the conscious trade-offs one uses when unwilling or unable to use the laws of manifestation.”

– Meredith Lady Young, in “Agartha, A Journey to the Stars”

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