Stuart Wilde on Democracy and Elections

“The democratic hoodwink offered to the electorate is a scam. People are not allowed to make real decisions. There are no proper choices. What kind of democracy is it when your choice is simply who among two or three political parties will feed off you and the country for the next two or four or six years? If there was a little box on the ballot form which allowed people to check “none of the above,” and that meant we could get rid of the hierarchy, then you could say we have democracy. However, the system has ensured that we can’t get rid of it by keeping all the power and the decision-making to itself. The electoral peocess—of which we are all so proud—is nothing more than the process by which we choose which part of the nation’s mostly male ego will impose itself upon us. We are voting for prison guards. We are not voting to open the gate…

Democracy is defined as government “by the people.” But we are coming to realize that we don’t have government “by the people,” we only have government by representatives that are part of a corruption we don’t relate to…The idea that a group of people that you’ve never met and who have one of your interests at heart should rule over you is ludicrous in this age…”

– Stuart Wilde, in “Whispering Winds of Change”

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