The late Stuart Wilde on Religion

In his book “The Quickening,” the late Stuart Wilde included a chapter entitled “Spiritual Concepts You’ll Probably Never Need.” The content in this chapter would likely be considered sacrilegious by those who follow any of the three major religions. When I read it back in the 1990s, however, I found most of what he wrote to make great sense if one could approach it with an open mind. Here’s one excerpt from it that provides a flavor of the type of information he shared in that chapter:

“You can imagine how hard it is for a person who is raised a Catholic to walk away from his church and to live with the thought that, if the church is right, when he gets to the Pearly Gates, Jesus will be there wagging his finger and that individual will be cast in hell for all eternity. That’s heavy. You need a lot of individuality, strength, and personal charisma to walk away from a manipulation that intense.

Of course it is a load of baloney and of all the experiences I have personally had in the presence of the light, I have never felt for one moment that there was any judgment about or comment about my actions. Rather, it reflected back to me aspects of myself, so I learned. Further, nothing about the God Force gave me any impression that it was Catholic or even Christian. Unconditional love has to include unconditional acceptance and forgiveness. To create a judgmental God and sell that to the people as a fact is an outright lie. But many believe it and they accept without question the emotional “whammy” put on them.

Thus the philosophies becomes self-policing. No one is awake enough to ask any awkward questions. People existing as they do…have to either blindly accept like a blithering idiot and trot along with the “great unwashed” or begin to ask awkward questions…

Even the intelligentsia of mechanical-man stay within the intellectual tracks laid down, never moving into critical thinking which asks so many unanswerable questions. It is not the function of mechanical-man to question, for if he does, he threatens the safety of the others. So questioning the very essence of much of the “twaddle” that is offered as the word of God is taboo. But if you are a metaphysical scamp, you can have a marvelous time looking at things, wondering why people are so thick, believing the stuff they do.”

Stuart Wilde, in “The Quickening”

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