The late Stuart Wilde on Religion II

“Now we turn to the nitty-gritty, the Gospels. Again, we are not allowed to ask who wrote them. We are expected to accept the authors veracity blindly and to refer to the authors via their pen names: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Again, these works are supposedly the channeled revelations of God. Read on Boo-Boo, this is the real stuff.

The first thing our metaphysical scamp notices that God must have been fairly illiterate for the Gospels are poorly written; they jump around a lot and are packed with inconsistencies. Disappointed, our scamp puts the book down for a moment and muses about why there are four Gospels?

If it was so important for God to channel the story correctly, why then did he repeat himself four times and why are the stories so totally different, each contradicting the others? None of the Gospels agree as to what happened. And it seems that none of the Gospellers ever met Jesus: the Gospels were all written at different times. One would have to presume that either God had an incredibly poor memory or he had some kind of cosmic twitch whereby every decade or so he would sit bolt upright and, for now explainable reason, blurt the story he had told years back, forgetting what he said last time.

In the end you are left with two alternatives: either God is a complete nit-wit or the Gospels are not the sacred, channeled words of God; but rather are a collection of writings from the same space cadets who were running forty year tours to the Promised Land.”

Stuart Wilde, in “The Quickening”

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