DNA and Love, Anger & Negativity

I found the following two quotations regarding DNA very interesting, and was therefore inspired to share them here. Those who read this blog knows that I’m a big believer in the concept that how we flow our energy (i.e., feelings) has a huge effect on our physical bodies. These quotes provide even more evidence to support this position.Bye for now.

“Dr. Glen Rein, an American scientist who took placental DNA from a human placenta, put it in a test-tube and had people trained to create certain emotional states. They’d hold the test tube and they’d feel the greatest anger and rage you can imagine, or they’d feel the love of a mother for her newborn baby, the most pure, unconditional love. What Dr. Rein found is, that when you feel the love, the DNA unwinds, and when the helix unwinds, the messenger RNA can go in and grab the code, and build life, build healing, build the healing of your body, the healing of cancer, diabetes, whatever. The anger, causes the DNA to knot up like a braid of hair, and then you can’t get healing at all.”

David Wilcock

“When you’re on the negative path, meaning the path where you create fear, and you are trying to manipulate and control others, eventually you get to a point, where your soul cannot hold its charge. Your soul begins dissolving, and it actually affects your DNA.”

David Wilcock

For more information about David Wilcock’s work, visit Divinecosmos.com.

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