Healing Related Quotes and Musings on the Self-help Industry

Healing Related Quotes

These two passages are from a book called Potentiate Your DNA by Sol Luckman. I have found this to be a fascinating work, one that presents a solid case for the position that it’s time for the world to embrace a new paradigm as to how physical healing actually occurs, and which also specifically recommends what that paradigm should be.

“In the words of the creators of one of dozens of websites devoted to telling the ugly truth about vaccines, “The most effective marketing strategy on the planet is to convince the consumer that if he doesn’t buy the product, he’ll die!”

“Many reputable studies have offered convincing evidence based on historical data that in all probability, vaccinations actually trigger a rise in infections and death.”

For more information regarding “Potentiate Your DNA” click here.

Musings on the Self-help Industry

As the author of a book related to spirituality, and as person who has read numerous books on that subject as well as personal growth related topics, I have the experience of being both a vendor and consumer of the self-help industry’s wares. As a consumer, I have clearly benefited from content developed by various authors and speakers. As a vendor, however, I can say wholeheartedly that the way business is being conducted in the industry as a whole is incongruent with the idea of being truly committed to helping people to completely heal.

Yes, I know, this is my judgment, nonetheless, I feel compelled to write about this because it’s reached the point where the self-help industry is no different than any other business – it needs to keep customers buying in order to sustain itself. ‘So, what’s wrong with that?’ one might ask? Call me a purist, if you will, but in my view the goal of the industry shouldn’t be to have content providers focus on “growing their email lists” so they can sell more and more content to essentially the same segments of people.

In addition, in many instances the marketing appeals used are fundamentally rooted in fear-based tactics such as “limited time offers” and web pages that automatically pop up with a warning that says “Are you sure you want to navigate away from this page?”Honestly, whenever I encounter a page of that nature it completely sours me on that content provider. And yet, according to the Internet marketing experts, this is the most effective way to gather customers and sell one’s books and other products. It’s my sincere hope that someday soon self-help content consumers will see through this type of manipulative marketing, and refuse to purchase any product that is presented to them with this type of fear-based motivational appeal.

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