A Beneficial Affirmation/Prayer to say prior to Eating or Drinking

A while back I came across this very nice affirmation/prayer to say prior to eating or drinking any type of food. For the life of me I can’t seem to recall where I read it, but here it is:

“I give thanks and honor to the plants and animals I am about to consume, and I intend that the nutritional and vibrational levels in this food be raised to meet my body’s needs. I also intend that any and all negative energies and ingredients in this food be released from my body leaving it unharmed. Thank you!”

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Self-healing Resource: “The Secret Language of Your Body”

If you’ve ever read or heard of or read You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay, the book “The Secret Language of Your Body” by Inna Segal, which I mentioned in an earlier post, is similar in concept (i.e., illnesses and diseases are energetic patterns caused by emotional blockages). The difference is this book is a far more comprehensive healing resource as it’s packed with all sorts of valuable information and practical tools to use for self-healing. If you have any interest in this subject, I highly recommend this book. The following are the major sections in the Table of Contents:

I.     The Secret Language of your Body
– Healing the Emotional, Mental, and Energetic Causes of Disease
– Ten Basic Principles for Healing
– A Guide to Physical Disorders and Suggestions for Healing
II.   The Secret Language of Physical Ailments
– List of Ailments
III.  The Secret Language of Your Emotions
– Understanding and Healing Emotions That Cause Disease
IV.    The Secret Language of Color
V.     The Secret Language of Your Body Systems

Here’s a quote from the book:

“You have the opportunity to work with thoughts, words, feelings, beliefs, vibrations, touch, movement, visualization, and breath to create changes in your body and in your life. Remember, pain and discomfort is your body’s way of communicating that you need to make changes. The more you are in tune with your body, the easier, more joyful, and more rewarding your life will be. You have the opportunity to tune into your own Divine Wisdom and receive all the guidance you require. This guidance is not only relevant to your health but to your relationships, your career, your mental and emotional well-being, and your spiritual expansion.”

For more information visit Amazon.

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DNA and Love, Anger & Negativity

I found the following two quotations regarding DNA very interesting, and was therefore inspired to share them here. Those who read this blog knows that I’m a big believer in the concept that how we flow our energy (i.e., feelings) has a huge effect on our physical bodies. These quotes provide even more evidence to support this position.Bye for now.

“Dr. Glen Rein, an American scientist who took placental DNA from a human placenta, put it in a test-tube and had people trained to create certain emotional states. They’d hold the test tube and they’d feel the greatest anger and rage you can imagine, or they’d feel the love of a mother for her newborn baby, the most pure, unconditional love. What Dr. Rein found is, that when you feel the love, the DNA unwinds, and when the helix unwinds, the messenger RNA can go in and grab the code, and build life, build healing, build the healing of your body, the healing of cancer, diabetes, whatever. The anger, causes the DNA to knot up like a braid of hair, and then you can’t get healing at all.”

David Wilcock

“When you’re on the negative path, meaning the path where you create fear, and you are trying to manipulate and control others, eventually you get to a point, where your soul cannot hold its charge. Your soul begins dissolving, and it actually affects your DNA.”

David Wilcock

For more information about David Wilcock’s work, visit Divinecosmos.com.

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Our Wishes and Intentions Do Indeed Create Our Reality

“The model suggested by Braud’s work is of a universe, to some degree, under our control. Our wishes and intentions create our reality. We might be able to use them to have a happier life, to block unfavorable influences, to keep ourselves enclosed in protective fence of good will. Be careful what you wish for, thought Braud. Each of us has the ability to make it come true.

In his own casual and quiet way, Braud began testing out this idea, using intentions to achieve certain outcomes. It only seemed to work, he discovered, when he used gentle wishing, rather than intense willing or striving. It was like trying to will yourself to sleep: the harder you try, the more you interfere with the process. It seemed to Braud that humans operated on two levels – the hard, motivated striving of the world and the relaxed, passive, receptive world of The Field – and the two seemed incompatible. Over time, when Braud’s desired outcomes seemed to occur more often than expected by chance, he developed a reputation as a “good wisher.”

Lynne McTaggart, in “The Field”

For more information about this book visit Amazon.

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The God Who Dwells in All

“There is only one God for everyone in this world. It is not that God lives in the seventh heaven or that He dwells only in a temple, in a mosque, or in a place where bigots who have forgotten the true essence of religion follow the teaching of one sect or another. God is one for all. He lives in all groups, in all temples, in all mosques, and in all churches. Although He is everywhere, He dwells specifically in the human heart. The heart is the divine temple of God.

There are many religions, and each one is fine in its own right. But, how many Gods are there to bestow their grace on the followers of all these religions? Is God Hindu? Is He Jewish? Is He Muslim? Is He Buddhist? Is He Black? Is He White? Is He Red?

Although he has many names, He is One. Therefore, we should learn how to cultivate the awareness of universal brotherhood. We should not pursue religions in order to murder one another with distinctions. All countries, all languages, all races, and all religions belong to Him.  He exists in all religions, but He did not create them. If He had, we could not call Him God; we would have to call Him a politician. Why would God create so many religions and make people fight with one another? It is we who have drawn religious boundaries.”

Swami Muktananda, in “Where are you Going?, A Guide to the Spiritual Journey”

For more information about this book visit Amazon.

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The Value of Music and its Ability to Evoke Emotion

If you’ve read my first book, Spirituality Simplified, you know that certain song lyrics have played a key role in my life by both inspiring me and providing important guidance as well. The music of various artists also has served as an important tool for helping me to process negative emotions out of my body. There have, in fact, been many times in my life when just listening to a particular song has brought a flood of tears to my eyes, and yet I really have no clue as to what event(s) in my past may be the source of all that emotion. Based on books like “Dying for A Change” by Will Murtha, however, I’ve come to believe quite strongly that it is absolutely critical for all human beings to fully express their emotions (i.e., let them flow and let them go), so it really doesn’t matter what is coming up to be cleared – what matters is that it is indeed cleared once and for all. And, it’s not only about releasing negative emotion, it’s also about music’s ability to bring happiness and joy to the surface and spring to our steps as well (i.e., dancing).

A key thing about music, though, is that obviously not everyone is drawn to the same type. In my case it happens to be song lyrics and music in the pop/rock-n-roll category, whereas for you it might be something totally different. In the end, what is important is to listen to music that serves to evoke emotions within you that would otherwise remain hidden, as these buried emotions could ultimately express themselves in a negative way physically.

Of all the musical artists I’ve listened to over the years, there is no one whose work has affected me more powerfully than that of the eccentric and innovative Todd Rundgren. If you don’t know of his work it wouldn’t surprise me, for although he’s been in the business for perhaps 50 years he’s not a household name. Nonetheless, he has written hundreds of songs during his career, with several of them having some very profound spiritual messages. One of the most inspirational and thought-provoking of them is called “I Love My Life.” I’ve pasted in the lyrics to this song below and have italicized certain parts that I feel are the most insightful. Click on this link to reach a page on YouTube site where you can access this song. It’s quite a rousing number, which hopefully you’ll enjoy.

I LOVE MY LIFE – Todd Rundgren

Every day I hear the news, seems like people worship pain. All your Oprahs and Donohues, they just can’t explain. As you reap, you shall sow, I looked high, I looked low, now I know that I love my life, I love my life.

I said me and my Creator; we got a funky love thing. It’s happenin’ now and not later, yeah, that’s why I sing. First came thought then came deed, I got caught; now I’m freed. All I need is to love my life, I love my life.

Time, the topic of the summit tonight is T I M E. Time, the thief of hope. Time, the ameliorator of all our endeavors, Time.

What would we do, with Time off our back? We would make this world a perfect place. We would make our lives a perfect play, if not for Time. But I tell you now, Time is an illusion. Time is not real, Time is an illusion. Time is what is the dividing line, between what is true, and what is not true, between what is real, and what is not real, between what is so, and what is not so.

But who? I said who, who stands for time? Who stands at the threshold? Who stands at the threshold of time? Who decides what is true, and what is not true? We do, you and I.
You and I we decide, what is true and what is not true.

But what shall be, our guiding light?
Happiness, I say happiness…

But in a world, I say people in a world, fully of misery. In a world full of sorrow. Why should we be happy? Tell me why should we be happy?

We need a message. We need a message from above. Look over there. Look over here. I can see it; there is beauty in the world. There is beauty, beauty, beauty in the world!

First came thought, then came deed. I got caught, now I’m freed. As you reap, you shall sow.
I looked high, I looked low. Now I know, that I love my life, I love my life!

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Drawbacks of Pharmaceutical and OTC Drugs

“Whereas placebos have no side effects, the same cannot be said for prescription drugs. According to the JAMA, some 250,000 people die each year from the negative effects of drugs, unnecessary surgeries, infections they pick up in hospitals, and other iatrogenic (doctor-caused) illnesses, making iatrogenic illness the third leading cause of death in the United States, just behind cancer and heart disease. According to a meticulous and recent analysis of data from a spectrum of US government agencies, when all other factors are included, the number rises to 783,966, making doctors, hospitals and drugs the leading cause of death in America…About twice the number of Americans die due to infections acquired in hospitals each year as the number who die in traffic accidents.

Additionally, more than twice as many Americans die each year from the negative effects of prescription drugs as those who died in the Vietnam war. According to a recent report, an estimated 1,730,000 preventable drug-related injuries occur annually in American with as many as seven thousand deaths. Exotic drugs are not the only culprits; common acetaminophen, the active ingredient in Tylenol, is the leading cause of death in the United States, due to acute liver failure.

The neurochemicals secreted by your brain, by way of contrast, are free. You do not have to drop a silver dollar in your ear to persuade your brain to start producing endorphins. Neither do your natural biochemicals come packaged with a scary list of side effects. Your body’s natural secretions are often the same substances found in prescription drugs, but in doses that will not harm you, in forms that are readily assimilated by the targeted organs and systems…one of the ways in which you can prescribe them for yourself is through the quality of your consciousness.”

Dawson Church, Ph.D., in “The Genie in Your Genes

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Terry Cole-Whittaker on “Healing”

“Prevention is the best medicine, and it’s also the best form of health insurance: by investing in fresh, organically grown foods, we can prevent illness. Food is medicine as well. Chemical treatments for illnesses can harm us, which may make you wonder why they are promoted so heavily. To understand, ask yourself: Who is making money from sickness? Fear motivates us to agree to artificial solutions that do not actually heal us but increase our problems. Illness is nothing to fear, for we are divine beings with all godlike qualities.

In healing ourselves, our challenge is to use what we have – our divine intelligence – to find out what will cure our illnesses, rather than give this power away to others who may not have our best interests in mind. Medical professionals who tell us that we are suffering from something incurable are really saying, “You will need to stay on medications that will only suppress the condition, for we don’t make money if you are healed.”

Terry Cole-Whittaker, in “Live Your Bliss”

For more information regarding this book, visit Amazon.

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The Nature of Praying

“Prayers are personal and yet there are aspects of praying which need to be noted. There are elements within the prayer framework which help the individual send out the most appropriate requests for guidance and action.

An opening or salutation – A loving introduction to the forces which one perceives as the focus and outgrowth of one’s being draws the energy of that presence within range of one’s own physical being. Whether or not the word “God” is used, an appropriate designation of the energy or presence to whom one is speaking is necessary.

A statement of thankfulness for those gifts and perceptions already received – This approach acknowledges one’s own connection to the Universe or God and reaffirms one’s own awareness that gifts of understanding have come to allow the individual to move toward the Light.

Verification of the problem or focus of prayer – The prayer process invokes eventual healing through the individual’s ability to precisely understand the situation and in so doing more clearly see the matching piece which is the solution. Clarity of thought in this case brings the energy of the dilemma to a head and causes the matching energy of the solution to be equally focused and thus obvious to the individual.

Affirmation of one’s belief in an appropriate solution – If one does not believe that a solution of some type is possible, then one has no business praying, for no solution will be forthcoming. It is only through one’s belief in a possible solution that appropriate avenues of help will be noticed. In other words, if one is close to healing vehicles, then none will be found even though they exist in one’s life.

Praying causes energy, celestial and physical, to be directed to a specific area of one’s life, and repetition of the same prayer is very effective in drawing in appropriate telepathic vibrations…In other words, when one uses the same prayer over and over, it builds not only the intensity of the invocation, but also the clarity with which the Universe’s response can be heard, seen and understood.”

Meredith Lady Young, in “Agartha”

For more information regarding this book, visit Amazon.

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A Warrior’s Prayer

Over 20 years ago I came across the following prayer written by the author Stuart Wilde that I feel really captures what the spiritual path is all about. I hope you find as much value in it as I did. Bye for now.

A Warriors prayer II

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